DAY 1: Food Diary

breakfast: zucchini, tomato, egg omelet in tortilla

  • one egg = 70 calories
  • chopped zucchini and tomato = hmm about 20 calories
  • tortilla = 100 calories
= 190 calories 

lunch: Whole grain spaghetti with diced tomatoes and chile lime seasoning

  • handful of whole grain spaghetti = roughly 300 calories
  • diced tomatoes = about 20 calories
= 320 calories

snack: Crackers with cream cheese and basil tomato seasoning

  • 5 crackers = 80 calories
  • 1tbsp of cream cheese = 35 calories

= 115 calories

dinner:  london broil steak and steamed broccoli with salad

  • london broil steak = 200 calories
  • steamed broccoli = 50 calories
  • salad with avocado, tomato, carrots, cheese, purple cabbage, and italian dressing = approx. 350 calories 

= 600 calories

after dinner treat: a cup oftea with cream and sugar

  • = ?? hmm. not entirely sure, approx. 50-75 calories

total calories today: 1275 calories 

Exercise: 5 miles with Tristan around Cal State, and 2 suicides :)

I’m not doing this to lose weight— i’m perfectly happy with my body. I really want to start changing the way that I treat my body, because I can treat it like a garbage can sometimes. I want to see a difference in my complexion, bad food + stress + no sleep = SEBUM, PIMPLES! I know that I am expecting a lot of stress this semester, and almost no sleep. So, I might as well change the way that I eat and exercise, just to make my body feel a little bit better than it usually does. Plus, exercise and tasteful food makes me feel great inside! :) who doesn’t want that?