Many books are just too superficial in my opinion. They do not feel “necessary” other than seemingly to fill a void in some person’s ego or desire to be noticed. A lot of photographers – and this is not limited by any means to the younger ones — seem to have a few interesting photos under their belt and then think they’ll make a book, so they just repeat themselves 47 more times and there you have it.

B: Q & A with Jeffrey Ladd (via photographsonthebrain)

this explains my current discontent with the photography world today

A few words for your ancestors...

Hey tumblr,

I am currently working on a project in my fiber and fashion studies, and I would really appreciate your contributions! With this project I am exploring ancestry, and trying to navigate my way through our past by revisiting the stories of our ancestors and exploring their abandoned traditions.

I need your response to the following prompt: “Write something to an ancestor of yours, a few thoughtful words, a letter perhaps?”.

Here is a link to a Google Doc Form where you can submit. The prompt is described on the form.

Thank you for being open, your contributions will be greatly appreciated.